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Frequently Asked Questions About Packaging Design

We have designed packaging and product/logo and branding for many high profile Comox Valley and Vancouver Island Businesses. Successfully promoting and selling your products requires professional packaging design and branding that will make your products shine!  We have a great deal of experience with all kinds of product and packaging processess and we use this experience to guide you in the right direction.

Can you design packaging for products?

Yes, we can. We have designed everything from product tags and labels to Yogurt containters, Ice cream containers, book jackets, multi media packaging and wine labels.

Can you get packaging manufactured?

If it is labels and tags we can certainly supply those for you. For more specialized packaging such as plastic and glass containers, we will have to work with the person manufacturing your product to meet their specific requirements.

Do you do graphics for CD covers?

Yes, Emagination Design designs CD covers for all formats of packaging including digi-paks and jewell cases. Each manufacturer has specific preferences for how they want the artwork supplied to them. Most manufacturers will provide you with a template file, and we incorporate the design to fit within the guidelines of the template to meet their requirements.

How do I get a barcode for my CD packaging?

The manufacturer can provide you with the barcode.

How much does it cost for CD package design?

The design cost depends on whether the design is for digital packaging, standard jewel case, and the number of pages on the insert.

Can you help with the writing for the CD insert?

Yes we can. An interview process will give us an idea of what you’d like to say and how you’d like it to sound, or we can just provide editing services. You approve the final text.

What sort of images do I need to provide?

Your CD packaging is what sells your product so it’s important to use good quality images. We highly recommend that you use the services of a professional photographer. Emagination Design works with professional photographers and we’d be happy to provide a referral.

What sort of permissions do I need to have for CD design?

It is up the artist to make sure that any images provided to Emagination Design for CD artwork are used with written permission.

I’ve noticed other CDs have catalogue numbers on the spine. How do I get one?

Catalogue numbers are not issued by any one organization, so you can create your own catalogue number. For example, if the title of your CD was “Original Songs by Yours Truly” released in 2008,  your catalogue number could be something like, OSYT2008.

Do we have to include the Compact Disc logo?

No, it’s not required however if you do decide to use it there are strict guidelines about the size and how it is to be shown.

Will the finished CD packaging look like the proof?

You can request your proofs to be provided electronically as .pdf files or as printed proofs. The electronic versions can have slight colour variations depending on what screen you use to view them.  The printed proofs will also vary by manufacturer as they may outsource their printing to different printers depending on their location and the quantity of CDs being ordered.

Do I need to include the MAPL designation?

No, but it may be significant to some music programmers specializing in providing Canadian content.

Do I need to include the length of each track on the CD cover?

No, but again it’s helpful for programmers to know the length of songs when they are planning their programs.

Do you have any testimonials from your clients?

Yes, we do. You will find testimonials on our testimonials page.